Holographic Experiences
for Self-Driving Vehicles
HoloDash Platform
An open platform allows holographic content creators generate free holograms in HoloPortals (currently in London and Seoul). Once the holograms are generated, the content can be played on HoloDash Hologram app or any 3rd party apps developed via HoloDash SDK.
Holoportal - Holographic Capture Studio
The holographic capture studios, HoloPortal, are currently available in London and Seoul, soon in Shenzhen. More HoloPortals will be installed in major cities around the world. HoloPortals are absolutely free!
HoloDash SDK
HoloDash SDK is a 3rd party developer toolkit for Unity3D. We’re inviting application and service developers to build amazing applications for the next immersive digital interaction.
HoloDash Hologram app
HoloDash Hologram app is the default hologram player app for both for PC and Android. It’s the standard model implementation of handling and playing DoubleMe holograms. Both players for PC and Android source code will be released under the DoubleMe Open Source License.
HoloDash HHVI Engine
HoloDash HHVI Engine provides a set of default Holographic Human-Vehicle Interface (HHVI). Currently we support Leap Motion(http://www.leapmotion), and Usens Fingo (http://www.usens.com/fingo) for the hand gesture recognition.
HoloTube - Holographic Display System
HoloTube is an open hardware platform for displaying 4D holographic content or apps. The original HoloTube have been evolved into more transparent and holographic display system. The plan and 3D model file is all open source for anyone who want to build their own HoloTube.
HoloTube Lite
HoloTube Lite is a very exciting cardboard based pseudo-holographic display system only made out of paper cardboard and a piece of reflective plastic. HoloTube Lite is desined based on “Pepper’s Ghost(https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pepper%27s_ghost)” principle. HoloTube Lite and HoloDash Hologram app for Android are also an open source, and anyone can join us to make her own cardboard designs.
Creative team

Albert Kim

at Doubleme

Seung Yeon Ryu

Art Director
at Doubleme

Eun Kyung (Cindy)

UX/UI Designer
at Doubleme

Nick Lambert

Head of Research
at Ravensbourne

Mehmet Mulla

at Ravensbourne

Our partners from worldwide
Global Research and Development Partners
Acknolwledgement: HoloDash Project, “HoloDash: Holographic Human-Vehicle Interface based Holo-Infortainment Platform for Self-Driving Cars” is a R&D grant project sponsored by Institute for Information & Communications Technology Promotion(https://www.iitp.kr/en/main.it) (Korea) as 2017 ICT Fusion Core Technology Development Program
Our Vision
Connect your reality with immersive holographic contents
With Holodash, you will get interactive augmented contents around you. And further, with Loopspace, a large-scale Holographic Mixed Reality tool, anyone can build and share immersive mixed reality experiences with other users.
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