Expand your
future driving experiences
with holodash interface

we are currently testing and developing the holographic interactive interface for autonomous vehicles, with a goal of creating future infotainment experiences.

Meet your HHVI
(holographic human vehicle interface)

HoloDash is home to your main holographic human interface, which will help you engage with your autonomous vehicle data and entertainment.
Supported by

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SpringCloud - an autonomous opensource platform,
Katech - autonomous vehicle driving research
Navya - autonomous vehicle manufacturer (test car)

Interactive holograms in autonomous vehicle

Through voice and hand gestures, you can interact with your holographic content, which has been personalized for you.

From infotainment to augmented communication, HoloDash is the device to use.

With an expanding range of HHVI contents, HoloDash is able to seamlessly integrate the holographic world, with reality.

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