Gesture Interaction in Autonomous Vehicle

where does the HoloTube might be placed in the autonomous vehicle? How can we interact with holographic contents in autonomous vehicle?

gesture, interaction
Ravernsbourne, UK
survey, testing


get the insight about the positioning / gesture interaction / size, etc

how to

1. place last version of HoloTube in the autonomous vehicle – mid-front of the passenger

2. run the demo HoloDash interface and act the gestures


1. the Autonomous Vehicle was quite spacious, so HoloTube need to be more closer to the passengers from the centre of the vehicle.

2. need to be considered the number of users

TEST01 : Gesture interaction space consideration

Place : In normal car (passenger seat)


TEST02 : Gesture interaction space cosideration

Place : In Autonomous Vehicle Pod (manufactured by Navya)





Gesture interaction guide(Intro) in Autonomous Vehicle